Buyer Testimonials

Laura & John A.

Buying a property through DeCaro Auctions was a great experience for us from start to finish. Leading up to the auction the entire DeCaro team of professionals was open to all our questions and worked with us to provide us with everything we needed. During the auction, we were able to purchase the home we wanted in what we felt was a straightforward and fair process. If you are looking to buy a home at auction, we would highly recommend DeCaro and would feel very comfortable buying a property through them again.

John O.

I have participated in and won multiple auctions with Dan DeCaro and his team. Participating on the buying side was a very smooth process without any issues. Dan DeCaro’s ability to sell a property, keep sellers happy and engage the buyers the way he and his team do is a credit to his experience and personal touch on each auction he takes on. His honest reputation in this industry is well earned and I have full confidence to bring buyers in the future.

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DeCaro Auctions International comes to the table with experience, security, and a superior knowledge that cannot be replicated. We create the opportunities that result in the lifestyles of dreams.