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In the competitive luxury real estate auction marketplace, the most successful sellers are those taking an assertive approach showcasing their estates across internationally recognized campaigns. With over 40 years of experience, DeCaro Auctions International has the experience, skills, and methods our sellers need to ensure their properties are properly showcased to attract the ideal buyers.

DeCaro offers sellers maximum exposure throughout targeted campaigns appealing to qualified buyers across national and international markets. Our process and existing networks lead the forefront in bringing motivated Sellers and sophisticated Buyers together. Our team understands the market better than any auction company, and our results are apparent in our record of billions of dollars in sales and closings of luxury assets.

DeCaro represents high net worth individuals including business executives, celebrities, award-winning athletes, public figures, and most importantly, DeCaro represents you. Our emphasis is always client-based and because of how we treat our sellers, our enduring relationships have made DeCaro the country’s most prestigious auction company.

No matter how the markets change, DeCaro has stayed at the top of our industry, offering aggressive campaigns that sell luxury real estate, while reducing the cost to sellers and producing a successful, non-contingent sale within a specific time frame. DeCaro's powerful and strategic marketing program produces a network of motivated buyers who trust the DeCaro platform. 

Washington Property Sellers

It truly was an honor to have met all of you and to receive such great services through DeCaro. The privilege was certainly ours. We are very grateful for the entire process and the wonderful outcome. Thank you, again for what you did for us. The best to you for all your future auctions.

Barbara E.

The auction was very exciting and satisfying. DeCaro Auction house delivered and we are very happy to close out this chapter and move forward to the next. We have met with the new owner at the house and she and her people feel lucky and very excited to be moving in. Thank you all.

Ken H.

I was hesitant to sell my property at auction and had interviewed other luxury auction companies. I can tell you now that if you plan to sell your property and you are determined by DeCaro to be a candidate, there are no auction companies of this caliber that are more professional, respectful, detail-oriented, and honest than Dan DeCaro’s group. I saw less than 10 interested people in 5 years but saw over 2,100 through my property within 30 days once it went to auction. My property was sold just under my list price with nearly 20 registered bidders. There was so much activity that I refused pre-auction offers and took the gamble. Absolutely impressive, second to none. Why wait?

Bill R.

DeCaro Yacht Auctions provided the solution and results I was seeking. Their 30-day marketing campaign is unmatched, generating the immediate interest I desired. My 116′ Hatteras, Tri-Deck Motor Yacht, “Easy Rider”, now belongs to another and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results achieved. I would use DeCaro Auctions International again as an avenue to sell my luxury assets. I just wish I found and used DeCaro Auctions two years ago.

David G.

As an owner of a nationwide company, I am very familiar with the auction process as it relates to my business. After seeing what DeCaro unleashed in our market and throughout the U.S. through their marketing efforts and public relations, all I can say is that if you want your property sold look no further. The buzz was extraordinary, to say the least. Experience, integrity, determination, and knowledge paid off. I sold my property for a full list, cash deal just hours before the auction. They have a passion for what they do and that’s what it takes in today’s volatile high-end market.

Mark & Randy B.

Without any reservations, we fully recommend the personable and highly-skilled DeCaro Luxury Auction Team to any luxury property seller that is looking to move on or downsize. They are the best in the business and lived up to and beyond our expectations. This group of marketing professionals is the best in the country and now I see why they have the stellar reputation that they do. We were able to set a deadline, market our property throughout the U.S. and internationally, sell it, and ‘move on.’ We are satisfied clients of Dan DeCaro and his team!

Brian H.

I wanted to note my pleasure in having DeCaro Auctions sell my home in Annapolis, MD. Diana and the entire DeCaro Team were a great help in getting my home ready to present for sale. Additionally, they executed the auction seamlessly. Very pleased with the DeCaro Auctions service.

Martin P.

I am very happy with the results DeCaro Auctions was able to achieve in selling my home. I saw more activity in the 30 days they marketed the house than I saw in the previous 2 years combined from the local real estate agents. We received numerous offers and ultimately sold the property prior to the auction. The DeCaro team always made me feel that my home and family were their priority and the years of experience and professionalism were evident as Dan DeCaro negotiated the final sale. When we had a question, the DeCaro team and Mr. DeCaro were always and I mean always available to both my wife and me when we had a question regarding the auction process. DeCaro and his team conducted the entire process from start to finish and I would highly recommend their services.

Morgan O.

The team from DeCaro Luxury Auctions was able to exceed my expectations with their ability to drive qualified buyers to my property. In the 3 weekends of open houses, DeCaro was able to bring far more potential buyers through my home than we received in the many years we had the home on the market. Additionally, the quality of the marketing and press we received matched the quality that my estate deserved. On auction day, we had more than a sufficient number of bidders to satisfy us that we received a fair price in today’s challenging market.


The honesty, accessibility, and hands-on approach of Daniel DeCaro and his team were first-class. Their years of auction expertise were evident as they communicated and navigated throughout the entire auction process. After this positive experience and my home selling, I would highly recommend DeCaro Auctions.

Rick S.

After watching the success DeCaro had on several luxury homes in my area, I chose to go straight to market with an auction instead of starting with the traditional route. I was very impressed with the results they achieved in the short amount of time they sold my home. Most properties similar to mine sit on the market for years. My home sold prior to the auction and I am very pleased with the results. Dan DeCaro and his staff clearly know what they are doing and the years of experience and credibility behind his name lead to a very positive experience. If you are looking to sell your luxury home and are considering using the auction approach, I would highly recommend you talk with DeCaro Auctions.

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